Chatwork Vietnam accompanies with 30 Vietnamese accounting – audit – tax companies in changing the way services delivered to customers

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Ho Chi Minh City, November 4, 2021, team Vietnam, a member of Chatwork Japan Group, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2019, officially announced the program Accompanying 30 accounting and auditing –
Tax applies a completely new method of working with customers.

Chatwork feature diagram to replace business tasks at the office

Since 2011, when accounting and auditing firms in Japan have faced difficulties in cost management, customer service quality, and the risk of information loss, damaging reputation, Chatwork Japan deployed a completely new working method with Chatwork system to provide them. As a result, we have a lot of user of  accounting and auditing firms and successful cases such as “the number of customers served increased 2 times (*)”, and “saving meeting time” after using Chatwork.

Yutaka Horie – Global Strategy department manager of Chatwork Japan also shared with us: “In 2018, we entered the Vietnamese market with the goal of supporting Japanese businesses as well as understanding their difficulties. Also we realize that most Vietnamese small and medium enterprises are using personal chat tools with an unscientific process of management & operation which could lead to many risks of loss for information & finance data. We hope this Chatwork program, which has been successfully applied to Japanese accounting and auditing firms, will be effective for 30 Vietnamese enterprises participating in the B6 – Accounting program in Vietnam.”

Mr Yutaka Horie – Global strategy department manager of Chatwork Japan

In addition, 30 accounting – auditing – tax enterprises will be registered through official communities / clubs including: Webketoan, HCM Tax Agent Club, a member of the Association of Accountants & Taxes. or register directly via website When participating in the program, businesses will have to participate in Chatwork’s training programs as well as daily practicing and be supported and measured by Chatwork regularly to optimize customer service efficiency according to the famous Horenso culture of Japanese.

Mr. Nguyen Hai Tam – Chairman of Webketoan shared: “Tam An Company has been using Chatwork for over a year now and we really believe in the values ​​that Chatwork brings in addition to communication management. The department also changes the way of working more effectively with customers. I hope that the B6-accounting program will bring a new look to improve the current customer service quality of Vietnam’s Accounting – Auditing – Taxation industry.”

Mr. Nguyễn Hải Tâm – Chairman of Webketoan

Registration will start from November 5 to December 31, 2021, businesses can register by visiting: or email to

Communication representative of Chatwork Vietnam:

Mr. Jimmy Hoang:

(*) Source : User case of Chatwork – [First & TandemSprint LPC] In less than a year since Chatwork introduction, the number of Customers has doubled and I realized how amazing it is.

Source: Chatwork Vietnam

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